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Multilayered settlement Razdorskoye 1

What is this unique monument of archaeology of the South-Eastern Europe, located in the Ust-Donetsk district of Rostov region, — multilayered settlement Razdorskoye 1 in the territory of Razdorskaya stanitsa (Cossack settlement)? How do archaelogists spot/identify the presence of an ancient dwelling in a certain area? What can fragments and splinters of ceramic bodies in occupation layers tell about ancient people? How does one carry out studies of archaelogical monuments of the Bronze Age and what significance do they have for history? Mr. Andrei Tsybriy, archaeologist, PhD in History, fellow of the Don Archaeological Society, co-author of the ethnic-archaeological complex “Zateryanny Mir” (“The Lost World”) unfolds the story.

Childhood in the Stone Age

What do we know about the early age of ancient people in the early period of human history? What was the life of primitive children? Did it differ from the life of modern children? What sources can show what was their childhood, what labors and dangers were in the daily life of our young ancestors, what was their initiation — the transition to adulthood? Stanislav Drobyshevsky (anthropologist, associate professor of department of Anthropology, Faculty of Biology, MSU, Moscow. The science editor of ANTROPOGENEZ.RU) tells about the children in the primitive society. How they lived. The features of their development, their differences and similarities with modern children and primates and many other interesting facts.

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Why are cave people not cave?

Where did people live in the Stone Age? What homes did they have? Why were people of the time called cave? Most of us are likely to imagine big caves lit by a small fire around which the whole tribe gathered. Was it really like that?
From the lecture by Stanislav Drobyshevsky, anthropologist, associate professor of the Department of Anthropology of the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University, science editor of Antropogenez.ru, you’ll learn what places for living people of the Stone Age chose and how their homes were arranged.

English subtitles — Igor Kapustin.

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Stanislav Drobyshevsky — Why are cave people not cave?