Multilayered settlement Rakushechniy Yar

Multilayered settlement Rakushechniy Yar.
What is this multilayered settlement Rakushechniy Yar on Porechniy island, located in the Ust-Donetsk area of Rostov region? What life did these people live and what did they do for living, when settled here 7 000 – 8 000 years ago? What could the Don river give to ancient fishermen, hunters and gatherers? What’s the history of studying this monument and what are present methods of archaeological excavations of the neolithic layer? How do archaeologists obtain information, which is new for science? What can finds of scientists tell us about life of the Don river autochthons in the Stone Age? The story is narrated by Andrey Tsybriy, archaeologist, PhD (History), fellow for the Don archaeological society, a member of the Non-Commercial Partnership “Yuzharkheologiya”, co-author of the ethno-archaeological complex “Zateryanniy Mir” (“The Lost World”).

Перевод и английские субтитры: Вячеслав Пшеничнов.

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